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José Luis Sanchez Mejia RE CISA EMITA CICA

36 jaar , Amsterdam
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I can describe myself as an IT entrepreneur. The words which describe my personality are: group harmony, servant leadership, perseverance, proactivity, agility, commitment, ownership and goal orientation. During my work experience I discovered my interest in travelling, languages, IT related projects, team work and cultural diversity.

In the challenging work environment of major accounting firms I coordinated and executed a portfolio of IT audits and IT advisory projects. In these work environments I applied my knowledge of audit procedures and completed high-quality audits on time and within the budget. Most of my former clients operate in the financial service industry. It is in this industry where I enjoy shedding light on IT risks which manifest during the development of innovative customer focused applications. Underlining risks, addressing them and working out solutions gives me energy.

Overall I conducted IT audits, audits of internal control systems, IT advisory projects and information security projects in the following sectors:
•asset management
•pension and insurance administration

Currently I am working as an independent consultant via INTI and deliver services in the field of IT-audit, IT advisory, IT-support services, IT-risk management and information security.

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€ 95,- tot € 115,-
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€ 75,- tot € 95,-
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Hoogst afgeronde opleiding Master economie (MSc)

Erasmus 2016

Functieniv. accountantscontrole senior staff/controleleider

PWC 2012


Amsterdam , Rotterdam , Utrecht


Nederlands woord , Nederlands geschrift , Engels woord , Engels geschrift , Overige


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